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As an advertising and marketing firm, we pride ourselves in creative thinking, technical savvy, high ethics, accountability, competitive drive, project value, attention to detail and exemplary customer service. We are committed to deliver excellence in creative solutions and more importantly, help articulate your goals and vision.


Logo and labels for Don Juan International foods. Designed in 1989 and still as fresh as it ever was.


Logo Design

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A professional-looking business logo and marketing materials help make your business more visible and credible— two key factors in its growth and success. But many entrepreneurs make the mistake of designing their own marketing materials, thinking they are saving money. But having a good logo is about more than just making a good first impression. It can have a lasting impact on your company.


The Washington’s Birthday Celebration AssociationTM (WBCA) is producing its 12th anniversary edition of ByGeorge, a tourism magazine, with Graphitiks Advertising Design as its publisher. The magazine will promote the 117th Celebration and the City of Laredo.


Stone Arte of Mexico is a premier distributor of carved stone in the region and contacted us to redesign their new image that effectively portraits its mission, quality and service. Several concepts were presented, from very traditional to modernistic. The advertising collateral is being redesigned as well. 


Cotulla, Texas is an oil boomtown! And with it comes a high influx of workers coming into this small community of less than 4,000 people (in late 2010) and housing has been in extreme shortage. Enter the new Ciena Hotels/ Suites, the brainchild of Bob Zachariah.

Graphitiks Advertising Design was instrumental in developing the first renditions and video animations and developing the prospectus to secure investors. A study of the area, SWOT, projections and website were also developed.



Vaquero Festival

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The essence of the traditional Vaquero was captured down to a belt buckle. The Vaquero Festival is an annual event held in Hebbronville, Texas in first week of November. It includes everything from a trail ride, to carnival rides and the best country-western and tejano music in the area.

Promotional items, marketing in our regional tourism guides and website were developed. The festival, going on its 8th year, has seen remarkable attendance since adopting its new image.

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Graphitiks Advertising Design, Inc. is a leading creative powerhouse of digital communication in South Texas since 1989. We specialize in all major forms of marketing such as web design and development, mobile phone marketing, magazine publishing, brochure and annual report development, resounding political campaigns, radio/tv advertising and e-commerce.

With us, you don't get any prima donnas, costly mediocre creative work, half-baked solutions, hot air or inconsistent communication.

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