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05 Sep 2013

Flaco's Cantina

Flaco's Cantina

Logo for Flaco's Cantina, Austin, Texas. Greatest tacos!

04 Sep 2013

GGR Homes

GGR Homes

Another example of how we explore ideas in developing a logo. This was created for GGR Homes of Laredo.

04 Sep 2013

Xavier H. Lopez Scholarship Fund website

Xavier H. Lopez Scholarship Fund website

We work extensively with non-profit groups. We developed logo, stationery, tickets and website with our demographics in ...

02 Aug 2013

Brochure sample

Brochure sample

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adobe iconA professional-looking business logo and marketing materials help make your business more visible and credible— two key factors in its growth and success. But having a good logo is about more than just making a good first impression. It can have a lasting impact on your company. Send us your logo and we will evaluate it for free.


Email Marketing

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It is important for a business to keep its clients updated about services, special offers or anything else that could potentially lead to repeat business which would therefore increase customer satisfaction and approval of your company.


spreadsheetsSite Analytics

It is important to know the demographics of your viewers, for without this essential information, it is harder to reach your target audience if you don't have information about them. Because of this, Site Analytics are key to a successful marketing approach. 

browserWebsite Design

Your website should be a hub of communication with your clients. Now you can connect with them and have the ability to make immediate website updates via smartphone. Graphitiks Advertising Design specializes in creating websites that make your company or organization readily accessible via the internet.  With high-definition audio and visual, as well as true-to-life photography, powerful copy and dynamic graphics, our website designs enjoy high traffic and repeat business.

About Us

Graphitiks Advertising Design, Inc. is a leading creative powerhouse of digital communication in South Texas since 1989. We specialize in all major forms of marketing such as web design and development, mobile phone marketing, magazine publishing, brochure and annual report development, resounding political campaigns, radio/tv advertising and e-commerce.

With us, you don't get any prima donnas, costly mediocre creative work, half-baked solutions, hot air or inconsistent communication.

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